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Guys put down your revoked cards! Drop’ em now! I realize that the mere mention of the Twilight Stupid Vampire Series of Movies is blasphemous here at, but I think I’ve solved our problem. After Xavi’s post about Twilight For Men, I’ve found the movie you and your lady can go see. She gets her dose of guys without shirts and you get to laugh your ass off at this stupid series. I’m talking about Vampires Suck, a Scary Movie-esque take on the movies that shalt not be named on this website.

While I was a fan of the original 3 Scary Movies, the ones the Wayans Brothers were closely tied to, with the advent of Date Movie, Teen Movie, Beat-A-Dead-Horse Movie, the concept of parodying several popular movies and themes in culture seemed to have died out. With Vampires Suck, at least from the trailer, they’ve seemed to capture the right amount of laughs for it to be tolerable. I suppose we’ll see, and I’ll post my review, when it hits theaters August 18th, 2010.

For now, check out the trailer and take our poll.

Oh, and as always, stay manly my friends!

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