We received this email just yesterday and I figured I should share it with you:


I received my 11 Man cards in the mail today and I am quite thrilled. They will be presented at the Men’s last supper.

This brings up a moral dilemma. As you know, all too often, real men are mistaken for morons. Conversely, educated men are often mistaken for gay sissy boys. With this in mind, I risk immediate loss of new man card by pointing out a typo on the certificate. At the bottom of the certificate, appears the phrase “Take away a mans card.” There is no such word as mans. Plural of man is men. A card belonging to or taken from a man is a “man’s” card. So, you should add the apostrophe to the next batch of cards. I point out this error not to be a smug little poindexter, but to protect the real man brand. We do not want the enemy (women) or true poindexters ridiculing our intellectual capacity by this typo, that will be obvious to educated women and to poindexters.

So Bud and I took all day trying to come up with a valid, reasonable, and extravagant excuse that we could tell John, and the rest of you. After deep pondering, we realized we’re just idiots.

Thanks John, and to everyone else: Stay manly My Friends!

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