T3 Meagan Replacement is still a Fox

Meagan’s out of Transformers 3, Rosie Huntington Whiteley is in … DAMN!!! … There are no tears for Meagan only tears of joy for Rosie.

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  1. Ramsey says:

    I’ve never been one of these crazy Megan Fox fanatics or anything but I think Fox is hotter than this girl. Of course it would be crazy for me to say Rosie (new girl) isn’t hot but Fox just has a little more going on. I really cant put my finger on why.

  2. Simon says:

    I disagree with you Sir, I have never heard this woman talk so in my book she is ten times better than Fox …

  3. Xavi says:

    agreed with Si. as long as she keeps her mouth shut well be alrite

  4. Sergio says:

    Ramsey sir you are way off base on this one Rosie is far better looking than Megan Fox…I would even bet Rosie is a far better actress than Megan Fox too. Hot bitches are a dime a dozen in Hollywood so in a few months after Megan fox is forced to do nudity in order to salvage her tarnished career we can bring her up again. until then we pull a Nino Brown of Fox and cancel that bitch!

  5. Ramsey says:

    You know what I think it is, look at the picture in the second column first row. Shes in front of that pink wall, she just looks a bit odd to me in that pic. Third column third row pictures is just mind blowing.

  6. I agree with Ramsey’s initial post. Rosie is beautiful but there is something off. I’m a long time fan of the teeny-tiny-petite body but I think it is her jaw line that is throwing me off. Maybe if she’s let me puff her cheeks a bit.
    As for the acting skills… my mind pretty much goes blank when I see either lady. I mean, I can see them but can not longer hear anything at all and all other activity on the screen fades to black.

  7. Jorge says:

    I’m on the fence here guys, like Ramsey, I’m not a huge Meagan Fox fanatic. This new girl doesn’t blow my mind either. Yeah their both hot, but I’m Hispanic, I like my women with some curves and we don’t get to see the backside in any of these.
    My conclusion:
    Will I watch them? Yes
    Would I fuck them? Hell yes
    Will I drool over them? no, not really.

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