This Week in Pain 07-10-2010 EPIC NUTSHOT EDITION

Gentleman, over the years as internet porn grew to massive lengths (ba-dum-tish) another type of video grew to be the porn of YouTube and other non-porn related viral sites, the Nutshot. While preparing for the Aussie invasion occurring this week we came across these videos, now whether or not we actually use any or all of these defenses against the approaching Simon remains to be seen. Hue Jass and Bud are currently using “Emo Skaters” to test out this defense technique and Ramsey and Xavi are currently hunting for the cast of “Jersey Shore” to get “The Situation’s” take on it… then Nutshot his ass too. This edition of “Week in Pain” Official Man brings to you some epic Nutshots that made us cringe. Be sure to comment on your favorites, or which one you think could stop The Simon.

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  1. Xavi says:

    why oh why surge would u do this man…. ohhhhhhh

  2. Sergio says:

    I had to…I wanted to scare Simon

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