The Tuesday Hook up: Stuff I didn’t get to this week so far

The Quick Links

Jims Pancakes – Awesome pancake sculptures almost to good to eat
Science Tattoo Emporium – Because geeks can get tats to
Apple iWatch – The watch that sounds like a confession to viewing channel 69
Googles street view cars – A close up look at the cars that make street view possible
Worlds greatest 80’s Jungle Gym – scroll down the artical for the photos that will blow your mind, if you were a kid in the 80’s
Atomic threat responce by moving everyone everywhere – This is one way to lessen the damage of a blast
XM-25 Super Weapon heading for action – Because we like guns!
50th anniversary of the pill – Because we don’t like babys?
Shuttle adventure blasts off in june – Because we love LEGO
Elementary school choir singing “Still Alive” – The closing song from Valve’s puzzle game Portal

NSFW – Just Push Play – NSFW

TRUCKERS DELIGHT is the BEST, GRITTYEST, MOST VULGAR, FUNNYEST VIDEO ever, this side of the digital world.


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