The OMC 4 Track: The Eagles of Death Metal

The Eagles of Death Metal originally began as a side project of Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) and Jesse Hughes in 1998.  With the increasing fame of the Queens of the Stone Age, the Eagles of Death Metal stayed relatively quite for the first couple of years.  It was finally in 2004 when their first album, entitled Peace, Love, Death Metal, was released.  Many may recognize the songs from a variety of commercials and radio ads they were used in.  This album was shorty followed by Death by Sexy (2006) and Heart On (2008).  Interestingly, after the release of Death by Sexy, the band was opening for the legendary Guns N’ Roses.  On the first show, the audience did not receive the Eagles of Death Metal’s unique style very well. When Axl Rose came on stage he gave them the nick name “Pigeons of Shit Metal,” a name that Josh Homme now has tattooed on his forearm.

Despite its famous front man and relatively long life, the Eagles of Death Metal remain fairly unknown.  Just take notice as this band with its simple message of pure Rock N’ Roll and laid back Rolling Stones meets Beach Boys meets Blue Grass will go somewhere, just not sure where, but it might be fun.  Don’t be fooled by the name, there is nothing metal about this band.  For those that enjoy simple old school Rock N’ Roll with a modern twist this is a band to hear.

You have to be pretty clever to sound this stupid – John Robinson reviewing the Eagles of Death Metal

Wannabe in L.A.(2008)

Only Want You(2004)

Speaking in Tongues(2004)

I Got a Feelin (Just Nineteen) (2006)

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