The OMC 4 Track: Gogol Bordello

Gogol Bordello, which is just fun to try and pronounce correctly,  are a Gypsy Punk Band from the Lower East Side of New York City. In order to truly understand this band you really have to listen to their music first and then read up on them before you will “get it”. But be careful, because upon listening to Gogol Bordello you will find yourself immediately wanting to get up and dance around the campfire with your comrades, drinking Vodka and talking about the old country. Stereotypical? Possibly, but its the truth.

Gogol Bordello is composed of several different cultures and the band takes advantage of that and uses it as a basis for infusing traditional Gypsy folk music with modern punk rock. While its members backgrounds range from Ecuador, Scotland, and the USA, where the band really gets its spark is with lead vocalist Eugene Hütz. Sporting a cross between a porno and hipster mustache, its hard not to take notice when he’s on stage. Coupled with possibly the oldest man in a punk band to play violin, Sergey Ryabtsev, and Yuri Lemeshev, probably a ex-KGB hitman turned Accordion player, Gogol Bordello is really a sight to be seen and a band to have heard at least 4 times. I will end my introduction here and leave you with the following quote;/p>

Чи не Отримати Your Man карти відкликана (Chy ne Otrymaty Your Man karty vidklykana)

Start Wearing Purple

Dogs Were Barking (Live)


Pala Tute

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  1. Xavi says:

    this music makes me want to get drunk and speak shit of communists i dont know why.

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