The Manliest Flute You Ever Did Hear

Do you know what instrument is super manly and never gets the credit it deserves? The Flute! Sure you can take it to band camp and stick it in weird and wonderful places (as in I wonder if she could even play it with it stuck there and thats pretty weird) or you could take it with you to a hotel where when you get bored you can bust a rhyme like this guy (Greg Pattillo).

Greg Pattillo, or that beatboxing flautist guy is recognized throughout the world for his redefinition of the flute sound. For those of you interested in a little more of his unique style you can check out this bootleg video from his performance in May, 2010, of a concerto for Beatbox Flute, composed by Randall Woolf and performed with the UNCSA Symphony Orchestra.

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