The Loss of a Legend



Serious topic today. We’ve had several celebrity deaths occur almost to quickly these past few days. Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, both very much apart of the publics life. Yet the most recent death has really rocked the office the most here at the Official Man Card Studios. The death of Billy Mays came with such a quick and sudden smack that, truly, some of us are still shocked that it even could happen.

I realize that talking about infamous Oxyclean Pitchman Billy Mays invokes emotions of corny product pitches, but watching the recent Discovery Channel show Pitchmen, you got to see a completely different side of Mays. He was a rockstar, almost a household name here in the States. He seemed to be a grounded person, not effected by his fame. Signing autographs for fans that lined up out the door.

The most shocking part, at least for me, is Official Man Card had planned out a Marketing plan and were about to execute on hiring Sullivan Productions and Billy Mays to do a series of videos for us. We feel this loss, and can’t image what his family is going through. But hey, lets not dwell on the sadness, but instead, remember how exited and happy he was over the best products he could pitch, and how many shirts you’ve washed with Oxyclean.

Thanks Billy.

Stay Manly My Friends…

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