The Daily Trunk Monkey: Monday

The one thing Australia is sorely lacking and possibly the only reason why we are not the greatest nation on this blue green planet is Monkeys. We have Drop Bears and their cousins the tree stoners known around the globe as Koalas, Kangaroos and Platypus.. Plati, Platapie … Platupussys … Duck things and although it draws the tourists we don’t have the mischievous hilarity of free roaming monkeys. To make up for the lack of Simian presence in the sun burnt country I’m posting a Trunk Monkey video every day for a week. Plus it means I can schedule these posts and sleep in, suck it rat race technology is finally helping me sleep in till 12….

The Trunk Monkey commercials focus on a fictional dealer-installed option in Suburban Auto Group cars. The optional feature consists of a live chimpanzee inside the trunk and a special button in the passenger compartment. The button is pressed in situations not found in the user’s manual such as handling irate drivers in traffic, dealing with unruly children throwing eggs at the car and so on and so on … So here is today’s Trunk Monkey video, while I lay back and enjoy some Z’s.

Trunk Monkey #1 – Road Rage

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