Ted Williams, Man with the Golden Radio Voice

Ted Williams, a homeless man in Columbus Ohio had been panhandling and asking for money to survive after falling on hard times. However, he has a voice that makes you wonder how someone with his talent happened to be in the situation he is now. Watch the clip below and listen to the voice on this guy, its crazy!

This Man’s vocal ability really points out that there is a wealth of untapped talent out there in the streets of any city. I believe that despite all the hard times Ted may have fallen into he definitely deserves a second chance at life, and that’s exactly what has happened.
After this video hit Youtube and became in instant sensation he was offered several job opportunities which he took, enabling him to get off the streets. This is one of those stories of “rags to riches” that can really touch your heart. We here at OMC HQ wish Ted “Teddy Bear” Williams the best of luck on his renewed career and second chance at a better life.

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  1. honorabili says:

    What a great find! Nice to hear he got a good job now.

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