Super Mario Hot

One thing I could never understand growing up playing my beloved NES was why the Mario Brothers kept saving the princess’s over and over again and why they didn’t just go out and find a couple of girls who were less maintenance. Well that was until i saw this picture and figured out that if the princesses were as hot as the ones in this pic, I’d be chasing that kidnapped ass to get it back asap. My house mate #### tells me that Mario & Luigi both can be seen in this picture as well but I think its a wheres Waldo or magic eye thing as I have not been able to see them yet.

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  1. Ramsey says:

    While I scroll up and down the OMC main page (looking at all the great content!) I always have to stop and just stare at this pic (Even better content). The blond is just insanely hot.

    Nice find Simon.

  2. Xavi says:

    ya dude agreed these chicks take the cake… i definitely guarantee you though that mario and luigi are surely not going to be laying pipe on those two anytime soon

  3. Simon says:

    Where is the fracking “LIKE” button…..

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