Super Bowl XLIII

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With Super Bowl XLIII just days away (6 Hours, 48 Minutes and 12 seconds as of right now) its time to warm up that plasma TV, lock the spouse away somewhere quiet, and bring the boys over for some good ol’ fashion Football watchin’. With the annual watching of the Super Bowl, there are things to consider. What food will you gorge on while touchdown passes are thrown? What drinks will you guzzle as your team (Cardinals or Steelers, tell us which one in our latest poll! Look you your left a little) pummels the other into the dirt? Well don’t worry gentlemen, Official Man Card is here to help.

Top 3 Things You’ll Need this Super Bowl:

  1. Now you could go the grocery with your list of ingredients from’s Superbowl Recipies, but really, who wants to cook on game day? We recommend going the lazy mans way and order up from Carson’s Ribs over at They even deliver it to you. Heat and eat, baby.
  2. What will you be drinking this Super Bowl Sunday? If its not Authentic Man Beer, for shame! I suppose we can make an exception, not everyone can me as manly and Bud and Tom. If your not drinking Authentic Man Beer, you should still be prepared. Its always common to not be able to open a beer. You can’t run to the kitchen, a commercial isn’t coming for another 15 seconds. Can’t use your teeth, just got those replaced. Why not just use one of these? Yea, your welcome.
  3. You in the Tampa area but to broke to get actual tickets to the game? Don’t sit outside listening to all the fans cheer in the seats that should have been yours, Drowned yourself in beer and women at Bubba’s Ultimate Man Party! Bubba the Love Sponge, popular radio guy heard on Sirius Satellite radio as well as various Cox Radio stations around the country, is hosting a party for all those who couldn’t get those tickets. From what I hear they’re planning, I think going to the party is the better deal.
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