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From time to time friend of the site and longtime Man Card holder John M will send us the odd picture or two of his adventures. Usually he’s drunk while doing so, and quite often probably doesn’t mean to send them all together. Sadly, we don’t ever get stories with the images, so we decided to take “creative liberties” with them at tell our own story, through his eyes:

So Me and the boys were headed out to Jeffreys farm. We decided to take the stretch, I mean if you are riding out to a farm how fancy is it to ride up in a stretch? Regardless, today we were cow tipping – a different way. How different? Well instead of a shoulder and a running start, we decided to be more “economic” and fire dummy rounds from a sniper rifle at their side. Trust me gentlemen, it was as fun as it sounds. Unfortunately Bill had just a bit to much and drove the limo off into a ditch, so we had to get the ol’ Army truck and take that home. The neighbors are gonna be pissed, but hey, its just another adventure.

-Stay Manly Guys!

John, I’d would normally end a post with “stay manly”, but it sounds like your doing a damn good job of that.

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