Stories from the OK 2

Every now and again good friend of the site and longtime Man Card Holder John of the OK sends us pictures and tales of his wild adventures.

We were celebrating a couple of birthdays with a day of redneck games at Boone’s ranch. 3,000 acres of fun. Drinking shooting and fishing to name a few. The night ended with a band swimming and more drinking. No cow tipping though, they cost too much… We are getting older but still trying to live life to the fullest here in the OK. Pouring some out for all my Man Card brethren, I leave you with a few pictures and a very drunken Boone shouting stay manly!

Ah John, what would we do without these ramblings of yours? Well the site would shine a little less, that is for damn sure!

Bus Trailer

One of these days I'll move out

Shotgun Thumb

What happens when you try to take my beer? This.

Boones Fish

I'm eatin' this bitch right here, right now!

Big Truck

The Smallest Truck We've Got Here in the OK

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