Slash & Burn, Electric Pee

John O’Connor operates Custy’s Traditional Music Shop in Ennis, Co Clare, Ireland, and every Monday he opens up his shop and starts his week by cleaning up the pee and sh1t from his shop door and …. wait-what?
Apparently John was so tired of having his property urinated upon by drunken revelers, the shopkeeper decided to take maters into his own hands. Rigging up an electric box outside his store five wires spread out across the pavement immediately in front of his shop with the intent to give anyone careless enough to down-trou an electric jolt.

Last Monday morning the place was destroyed. Urine had seeped into the door jamb and I was greeted by a flood of urine inside on the carpet and lino, I had to clean it up for about an hour. I just said, look I’ve been doing this for years. I’ve tolerated it but you come to a certain stage that when you’re greeted with this you just say enough is enough.

Here is hoping this puts and end to the previously, steady stream of offenders…

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  1. Anyone else want to see the security footage of the first drunk guy getting the jolt like I do?

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