Penis on Fire


Wince at the title?

So did I, especially when I heard about Stuart F’s little fling down on the Greek Isle of Crete, reported on 20 year old Stewart was rather intoxicated, and was fancy of this 26 year old girl, so he began his advance. She politely declined. He dropped his pants, so she continued to decline, and poured a cup of Sambuca on him. Still undeterred, Stewart continued his gentile waving extravaganza, until the young Greek girl had a brilliant idea, and set his balls on fire.

Yup. His boys. His meat and two veg. Wedding tackle.

He’s being treated for second degree burns and well, psychological trauma(which any man would need after that). I suppose this is a lesson to all guys. Next time your about to go out and get smashed, get some anti-flammable gel for your privates. Just in case.

Stay Manly My friends.

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