OMC’s Whale Warrior Pete

Potential Whale Warrior’s favorite John Lennon impersonator and Card Carrying Member, Pete, has posted his entry for the opportunity to crew on board a Sea Shepherd vessel during Operation No Compromise, an intervention against illegal Japanese whaling activities in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. wants to get behind Pete and help him out with our support in this cause, something we know he strongly believes in and as his video shows, something he can have a laugh at as well. A lot of the time these save the planet types can take themselves to seriously, but being able to have a bit of fun while still feeling so strongly about this cause is something we really respect about Pete’s commitment to the Sea Shepherd organization. Having a good sense of humor and being prepared to give up a few months of his life to do something he believes in with no personal gain other than the satisfaction of doing something when most just talk about doing something, we hope the judges take this into account when viewing your video. Pete, we wish you all the best mate.

This is Pete’s first attempt at making a video and we think he did a pretty cool job, please click on the video below and if you like what you see click the LIKE button on his Youtube post here. We’d love to see Pete out there doing something he believes in and wearing his OfficialManCard T-Shirt with pride knowing that we here at are behind him.

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  1. john lennon says:

    Cheers OMC for your support on my entry to be a crew member on board the Steve Irwin. Sadly the video could only be 2min long and alot of jokes i had to leave on the cutting room floor along with how i actually wanted to end the video so my appoliges for the abrumpt ending. also im sorry for the poor lighting. it was bright on the camera just for some reason after i transfered it, it was all dark. but all in all i thank you once again for your suipport and fingers crossed i win, if not im in the top 3.

    And remember people, “Love is all you need”


  2. Tom says:

    John, Don’t apologize for less than Avatar grade video! We think its great, not only that you’ve embraced your whale loving self, but you’re cool with poking fun at it.

    I encourage everyone to go vote for Petes video, lets get the Man Card Machine rolling!

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