OMC’s TRON: Legacy Preview

Hours ago I was lucky enough to score tickets to a preview screening of TRON: Legacy thanks to Game Guru and Gametrader Dharmesh. Owner of my local Gametraders store (Carillon City Arcade 207 Murray Street, Perth, Australia), Dharmesh has kept me in a tidy supply of video games for the last few years and now movie tickets to one of the best films i have seen this year.

A huge thank you to Dharmesh for taking myself, OMC Member Adam and a few others to the preview.

Screened on the newly built TITAN XC screen at the Reading Cinemas Belmont complex, this thing was so big it not only dwarfed your mother it had its own post code, and then there was the sound system. Everywhere you looked inside the Cinema a speaker was pointing at you, like the eyes of a painting following you around the room delivering flawless Dolby digital sound.

I’m no movie reviewer folks but from the second TRON: Legacy kicked off to the last note in the ending credits it had my complete and undivided attention. This was probably helped by digital soundtrack composed by Daft Punk and the fact 98% of the film was shot in amazing 3D. Many times has it been said that if you can’t make it good, make it 3D. Not so in the case of TRON: Legacy, if you have seen the first one you will love this sequel. If you haven’t seen the first one, shame on you and make sure you watch it before you go see this film on the big screen, and see it on the big screen you should.

I could not carry my Man Card with confidence if I didn’t give special mention to Olivia Wilde & Beau Garrett Whose characters Quorra & Gem look simply stunning to say the least. Digital Eye Candy at its best

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  1. Ryan Shand says:


    I saw Tron: Legacy at the same theatre as you Si, far out it was a mind blowing experience. I had to carry my brain out in a plastic bag due to the extreme mind-blowing.

    What a cinematic experience. Best $21.50 you can spend before 2010 ends.

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