Old Spice Guy Vs. Old Spice Fabio

Old Spice. What do you think of when you hear those words? A brand of deodorant and mens products? No, we think of the dulcet sounds of Isaiah Mustafas voice as he flies through the air, into the ocean, and on top of a mountain, all in the name of the Man Your Man Could Smell Like.

Those of you following this recent trend of social media tomfoolery must know that there is a New Old Spice Guy entering the realm of Men Your Men Could Smell Like. Fabio (the chizzled gentlemen that graced the cover of all those novels your mom took her “private time” with) has declaired his reign as the New Old Spice guy, complete with a challenge to the Current Old Spice Guy and @fabiooldspices twitter account.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_B9ePs8Opw&w=600&h=338 ]

What has ensued since is a battle of smelly proportions. As they did before, Old Spice Guy has taken questions on twitter with Fabio, responding via youtube videos to various questions as the good people of the internet vote on their Old Spice Guy. While this challenge was going on, what would we do? Simply stand by as two juggernaughts battled over which man will reign supreme? Official Man Card is the Man Card Authority, and by that decree we have a say in this fight.

While both Old Spice Gentlemen have fought gallantly, there can be only one Old Spice Guy. This is why we are proud to announce that, OfficialManCard.com fully endorses the Old Spice Guy – Isaiah Mustafa. Upon further research into Fabio’s man card status, we found revocation was in order! Our council of men has decreed that Fabio’s Man Card has been revoked for one and only one reason: He is Fabio. Old Spice Guy keeps his throne as the Man Your Man Could Smell Like.

We encourage all 6000+ Man Card members to do the same and vote for the Current Old Spice Guy Have a disagreement? Feel that Fabio should be the new Old Spice Guy? Comment and let us know why the Official Man Card councils decision is right or wrong. 

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  1. John Russell says:

    While I may agree with Tom here that Isaiah Mustafa is the one and only Old Spice Guy, you young son’s of bitches don’t remember the Original Old Spice Guy: John Bennett Perry. The Man with a Woman in every port.

    Being a Navy man myself, I full well know what its like to have a Woman in every port, unlike those other two old spice guys! One is stuck in a perpetual loop of horse riding, mountain climbing and showering while the other can’t stop sitting in a hot tub or brushing his hair!

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