Official Man Card Acquired by InBev

I’m speechless. Read it for yourself and stay manly…

MIAMI, Florida – April 1st, 2010 – InBev, the parent corporation of Anheuser-Busch, has announced its acquisition of Official Man Card, LLC, a small, Florida based company that issues Man Cards – Credit Card style plastic cards with a Mans name, flag of origin and unique membership number printed on it, and is issued with a Certificate of Authenticity and Revocation Cards.

It was a striking move in what some are calling the beginnings of InBev’s new “Viral Marketing Campaign” to put manliness back into their brand. While so many competitors are appealing to the “metrosexual” modern man, with the newly acquired Official Man Card, LLC – along with their popular website,, that has already issued thousands of Man Cards all over the globe – InBev seems to be taking the Budweiser brand to a more grassroots level, appealing to the every day man working hard.

The recent trademark of the phrase “Not a Bud? Man Card Revoked!” also shows a push to a manlier of men audience. It was reported that several celebrities, such as Chuck Norris and the A-teams Laurence “Mr. T” Tureaud have been approached for various television and print marketing.

With this latest absorbing of a smaller, working man website on the internet, InBev is gearing up for a brand new attack on its competitors. will surly be a new weapon in InBevs marketing arsenal.

Official Man Card, LLC
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