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So Members…

I’m in bed last night lying next to a gorgeous blond that I had found around town. We were both still out of breath from doing naked calisthenics when she rolled over for a second round. So your saying to yourself, “Tom, why do you sound like your complaining? This girl seems hot and your having sex!”. Well reader, what happened next will explain it all.

Midway into the deed, the Official Man Card hotline rings. Now as you and I both know, Bud and I are very committed to our Man Card Members, and when they call we answer. The unfortunate part was I was tied up at the moment, so I missed the call. Not a big deal right? Then two more calls rang out. Finally I pushed blondie away for a moment and went to see what the hell was so important. I was greeted with three brand new voicemail messages. There were slurring of words, something about a Christmas Party and Johns Sweet ass, I’m not sure what to say other than Gold. There will definitely be a video on this soon. Stay tuned.

Stay Manly My Friends…

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  1. John says:

    We had a great night! Sorry to interrupt but we were doing some recruiting and it got a little out of hand. Someone brought two bottles of Mad Dog 20/20 as a dirty santa gift and we decided they needed to be empty ASAP. The details after that are hard to recall. Expect some new Oklahoma members soon. You can also expect us to be drunk calling you often. So when are you two coming to Oklahoma? Boone will need to tell you about our Gilligan tour. It is known to really piss off our wives, but is always a lot of fun. Thanks for the post!!! We will do our best to represent Official Man Card well and to keep you well supplied with material. JM

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