Man, the Intrepid Fridge Forager

A very cool commercial about Mans quest to feed himself after a day at work. Part of an advertising campaign for Lurpak Butter, The Hungry One serves to assist you in making that tastier healthier meal time choice.

The Hungry One. A force for good, saving you at your moment of dinner-in-a-box or crisp-sandwich weakness.
Scoffed a garage pasty and felt bad about it afterwards? Resorted to a limp muesli bar for lunch? Let The Hungry One help you at breakfast time, dinner time and yes, even coming home from the pub time.

Share worthy for 2 reasons, one I’m hungry and two, the phrase Intrepid Fridge Forager. Makes going to the fridge sound as exciting as Arctic expedition, or a trip up the Amazon.

As to the question what would the french do? my first answer is always surrender and run away. Apparently in this case I’m wrong as they would make an omlette or what I like to call Surprise Cheffing myself. Step one go to the fridge, step two gather all edible contents of fridge, step three cook all ingredients together, and step four eat. Sometimes a fifth and sixth step are required, vomit and stomach pump.

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