Madden NFL 11 – Game Review

Its that time of year again. Men everywhere will disappear for hours, days, weeks, or quite possibly months as the annual Madden has officially begun. Each yeah Electronic Arts makes various small tweaks of the beloved franchise as opposed to the full makeover, this year however is the largest overhaul since its inception.

That new mode is called “GameFlow” and it completely changes the way you call plays, no longer do you have to go to the playcalling screen. Now the game will pick the play best suited for your particular offensive or defensive situation. For Madden rookies this will give them a fighting chance against a Madden pro. The other big change is the online 3v3 mode which allows up to three people to go against each other online this way Madden 11 becomes a sort of “party” type of game.

The major downside to this years edition isn’t even the game itself. It has to do with the new code EA has imposed on the buyer, with each copy of Madden 11 there is a code that gets put online which locks that game disk to that particular game system. This means that if I want to go over to my buddy’s house to have a Madden party he either has to already have the game or he has to purchase a $10.00 code for the ability to use my game disk at his house, and at $60.00 in this recession EA should have known better. But for fans of the series its a small price to pay for a years worth of trash talk.

As far as football games go EA Sports has the monopoly on the NFL but that also means Madden is the best, and this year is no different 5 out of 5 beers easily. Madden 11 is available for the PS3, 360, Wii, and iPad/iPhone/iPod touch.

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