… oh wait, my bad, thats knockers, this post is about Knokkers, the over sized on the ground pool table bowling game. Invented by a former semi-pro football player and cage fighter by the name of Steve Wienecke. Knokkers is played almost like your standard game of 8-ball pool, except your standing on the “table”, using bowling balls instead of billiard, and before your shot you are allowed to pick up and move the cue ball, but once you’ve touched it you can’t move your feet.

It’s not pool, it’s not bowling. . . It’s KNOKKERS!! Fun to watch, even more fun to play. –

Hehehe, sounds like a girl I once knew, they were the size of bowling balls and she was fun to play [with], but enough about Tom’s Cousin from CA.

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  1. Jorge says:

    cool, but I feel oddly let down, like being Rick-rolled

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