Just a Few Tweaks…


Hey Members,

Just wanted to give you guys a quick update on the “new” look of the website. We consulted with our team and figured it was time to clean up the main page a little. What we now call the “General Store” gives you quick access to our featured products, as well as a direct line to get your Authentic Man Card. We’ve also brought the video back to the main page and cleaned up the look a bit. We’re still applying changes, as always, and will continue to bring you great content as well as fulfilling our goal of Issuing Every Man In The World Their Authentic Man Card.

But we are nothing without you, our readers, viewers, and Man Card holders. We need your feedback! Comment on this post (via the “Comment Here” button at the top-left) and leave us a note on what you think.

Oh, and after your done commenting, remember to Stay Manly My Friends…


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