His Majesty’s Service: In Defense of King James

Playing as Cavalier number 23Now I really had no desire to add to the media frenzy revolving around the Lebron James story, but I just cant tolerate the idiotic commentary any longer. Every word and action has been scrutinized and analyzed by broadcasters and fans. Before the legendary “Decision” analysts and experts (those terms are laughable) bickered endlessly about the options and what teams stood a chance at landing King James. They squabbled about X millions of dollars here, and the greatest opportunity there, ultimately resolving nothing. If anything it was this all out media blitz is more to blame for the ridiculous attention this one contract received.

I was one of the first to say that Lebron was putting on a show and loved having the basketball world at his feet, but he actually changed my mind during his hour long “Decision” special. In what Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert called a “narcissistic, self-promotional build-up”, I actually believe Lebron humbled himself. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t as if he placed himself beneath everyone, but he did something he didn’t really have to do to end all the questions and speculation. If he really wanted to he could have made that hour long program a mix between My Super Sweet Sixteen and Cribs and have just been an arrogant prick talking about how great he is. Then comes the immediate backlash. Fans burning jerseys in the streets, the YouTube rants (look them up they get pretty funny), but nothing better than Dan Gilbert’s humiliating letter. Featured here.

If you take time to read though this “letter” you will really find that it sounds more like a rant from an angry child.  Rather than attempt to be professional, Dan Gilbert attacks Lebron and places his “curse” on him.  Lets not talk about the fact that Gilbert and the Cavs had Lebron for seven years and failed to build a team around him or how they clearly weren’t aggressive enough in free agency, just blame someone else for the administrations faults.  I understand the disappointment of the fans but sometimes they have to understand that this is a business.  Players are skilled employees, and it remains the responsibility of the management to maintain and retain those employees. Dan Gilbert did more damage to his team by berating a man that doubled the value of his franchise, than Lebron by leaving.

Scottie Pippen number 33 and teammate Michael Jordan number 23 Another major point of criticism is that Lebron has essentially chickened out by teaming up with Wade. Many say he Lebron doesn’t have the makings or character of a true great to go out and be on his own. To all those that believe this it is time for a history lesson, really courtesy of Dwyane Wade strangely. Wade put it best when in an interview he challenged critics and fans to look at film and stats, no one ever did it alone. Lets go back to undoubtedly the greatest player ever, Michael Jordan. He was the best of everything with just about no faults; in my opinion far better than Kobe Bryant or Lebron James (dont know why people love to make this comparison so much). Even Jordan didn’t do it alone, recall a player by the name of Scottie Pippen. I have been shocked to see that his feats have already have been forgotten. Pippen in his own right was a great player, had he not been in the colossal shadow cast by Jordan he would be considered on of the elites to have played the game. It is true that in Basketball, more than most other team sports, one man can make a difference, but one man cannot be the team. This also brings me to something I’ve noticed; athletes like to play with others on their level. For Lebron that leaves a very small list of players since his level is so high.

There will continue to be an unending stream of criticisms most likely straight through this season, especially in how this team fairs in its first season. Ultimately this was Lebron James’ decision and his alone to live with. Regardless of your opinions, one thing is for certain, the Miami Heat are a team to be reckoned with this coming season. They are also a team with a bulls eye on their backs. I personally wish Lebron, Wade, and Bosh the best (No more rings for Phil Jackson dammit!!!!).

The Big 3 together at last

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  1. gabriel gil says:

    THis was a great article mr. dodge! WE have seen and heard plenty over the past week about cleveland fans burning jerseys and little girl dan gilbert. to me it sounds like a school girl with a broken heart. Honestly i dont hear much about utah jazz owner, toronto raptors owner, nor phoenix suns owner. just like the cavs they are practically dead next season after losing boozer, bosh, and stoudemire respectively. granted, phoenix still has a 6ft white guy that is arguably the best point guard after john stockton and magic johnson; however, he cannot take over a game in the same fashion as a great shooting guard or small forward such as a wade or lebron(and the miami heat have them both!) Utah lost boozer and was the second best power forward in their history since karl malone (the mailman). They still have their stockton in daren williams but no boozer. Toronto lost the second best big man in the league after dwight howard which seems like a problem to me! Instead of whining utah went out and got al jefferson. Phoenix was aggressive and got turkoglu and childress. Toronto in a three way trade aquired boris diaw and tyson chandler. WHat has cleveland done as of now!!!!!??? hahahaha oh yeah cleveland was very loyal to their head coach mike brown who got them the best record last season, and was the winningest coach over the last few seasons. They fired him without notice!!!!! is that a franchise someone wants to play for?

    and michael jordan did need a superstar to win!! scottie pippen is on that prestigous list of the 50 greatest players of all time! of course he also had a rebounding machine in rodman and grant before rodman. people are always saying jordan made pippen!! people are so dumb..you are beyond right!! chicago beat utah jazz one finals because of scottie pippen!! they put scottie pippen to cover john stockton and completely neutralized him.

    and as to the kobe, lebron, and jordan comparison…kobe is the closest thing to a jordan..however listen to this: jordan one 3 champ in a row then played baseball and then won 3 more in a row. all that equals 6 in a row (would have been more if there was no baseball). He also won the mvp all six times. kobe has won five champs..in the first three he wasnt the most valuable player, shaq was (just shows how important a big man is= heat have bosh!!!!!!)!now kobe won two in a row and he got the mvp..lebron is completely different animal!! its like comparing a taurus to an evo! Wade won wit an aging shaq which had nothing left (which is why the lakers traded him!)! i think that speaks highly of wade!! and the heat made the playoffs last season with a team that was built to lose; a team that was built for the offseason!!! might as well compare wade to jordan too!

    so heat vs. lakers in finals!!! heat please win!!!!

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