Guitar + Keytar + Johnny Keys = Awesome

Suffering from your typical SDO (Slow Day Online, you can use that) I hit up that book of faces you kids seem to like so much and read that my god daughter at the age of 3 was walking around the house singing the Star Wars theme. Most awesome kid ever, anyway someone suggested that she learn how to play it on the Piano… over my dead body, no not related to me in anyway small child who calls me up on weekends to remind me to wake up will play the Piano. Not while there exists the awesomeness of the Keytar.

Youtube user JohnnyKeys1978 hails from Newcastle, Australia (Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!) and his video below is a great intro to this bastard child of a Piano (its sounds better if you say Piano while holding your tongue upside down in your mouth “pee-yan-oh”, you so just tried that) and Guitar, who got insanely drunk one night and decided to do the bad thing for the good of us all and 9 months later awesomeness was born for a second time on planet Earth … the first time was when my Mum (thats how we say it in the rest of the English speaking world) popped me out where by I winked at the nurse, thanked the Doc for the soft landing and that my luggage will be following me shortly….

TECHNICAL NOTE: You need to change the res on the video to 360p for it to play …

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