Get Him To The Greek – Review

Every summer along with the awesome action flicks us men get to enjoy we also have at least one supreme comedy to enjoy. Last year it was the instant classic The Hangover, the year before it was Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I took it back to 2008’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall because this years raunchy comedy is based off of Russell Brand’s character Aldous Snow from Marshall.

Get Him To The Greek pairs Brand up with Jonah Hill and director Nicholas Stoller from Marshall. While hill appeared in Marshall he plays a different character all together here in Greek. Joining them is Sean “P. Diddy” Combs who is quite possibly the best scene stealer in a movie since “McLovin” from Superbad.

Record company intern Aaron Green (Hill) is tasked by his boss Sergio Roma (Combs) to fly to the UK and escort fallen rock and roll star Aldous Snow (Brand) to the Greek Theater in Los Angeles for a 10th anniversary show. Green only has 72 hours to do this and is gung ho ready to do this because as Roma puts it this is his moment. Worried as to what he should do if Snow is too reluctant to keep on schedule Green is given a lesson in “mind fucking” by Roma.

Once Green arrives in the UK to escort Snow he is met with all kinds of obstacles and is driven into the life of a rockstar. It soon becomes the longest 72 hours of Green’s life from a semi-disastrous appearance on the Today show to the definition of a “Geoffrey”. Get Him To The Greek is a fun roller coaster ride of laughter. So to all the manly men of I implore you to rub the furry walls and go and Get Him To The Greek…you will be glad you did.

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