George Steinbrenner Dead at 80

The Boss

New York Yankees long time owner George Steinbrenner died early Tuesday morning after suffering a reported massive heart attack, sources close to the Steinbrenner family said. The Steinbrenner family confirmed his death in a statement issued by the Yankees.

“He was an incredible and charitable man,” said the family. “He was a visionary and a giant in the world of sports. He took a great but struggling franchise and turned it into a champion again.”

At his death Steinbrenner was the longest tenured MLB club owner, and as the Yankees owner was known world wide. Nicknamed “The Boss” he lived up to that title by ruling the Yankees with an iron fist. He was not afraid to let his club managers know how he felt if his club failed to be successful. Steinbrenner also became a pop culture icon all his own having hosted Saturday Night Live in October of 1990 and he also appeared on hit shows like Seinfeld and HBO’s Arli$$. Although his health declined over the last few years and his sons Hank and Hal took over the family business, he still remained the face of the Yankees. He was even there to usher in the new stadium that opened in the Bronx last year and culminated in the Yankees winning the World Series last October. Today baseball lost a great owner and the New York Yankees lost their best leader in George Steinbrenner.

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