Fresh Balls – Product Review

While conducting research for “Balls Week” I stumbled across this little product. Las Vegas based So Fresh So Dry created a product that belongs in every guys car, desk, locker, or bathroom that product is called Fresh Balls.

Fresh Balls prevents wetness and the uncomfortable feeling of sweat, stickiness and chafing in the groin area. It has happened to all of us fellas, on a hot day our balls stick to our inner thigh or are just plain uncomfortable or worst of all they get sweaty and a shower is just not a possibility at that moment. Fresh Balls is the solution for all those problems, applied like a lotion, drying very quickly and unlike other products doesn’t leave that clumpy feeling or residue in our drawers like baby or talcum powders can.

Fresh Balls is aluminum free, paraben free, talc free and contains oatmeal (breakfast balls?) as an anti irritant, and tea tree oil as an anti-bacterial. So the next time your balls are sticky or bothersome don’t fret, just reach for the Fresh Balls, starting at 14.99 for a 3 oz bottle from They also stock a product for ladies tah tah’s called Fresh Breasts, now just imagine those clean, fresh, firm, perky boobies, its a gift that keeps on giving, unless you gave it to your grandma -shudder-

I can sit here and tell you with confidence that I have Fresh Balls and this product is the reason why, it really does everything it promotes. – Sergio

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  1. Sergio says:

    haha thanks for blowing up my quote there guys…assholes lol.

  2. Ira Davison says:

    Heard this on an XM radio Ad. Thought it was a joke.
    It should of been. This is the dumbest product I ever heard of. So what if you have sweaty balls. Thats what your wife’s tongue is for.

  3. Sergio says:

    Ira would you eat your wifes poontang pie if it smelled like the dumpster behind the fish market?? If so, you sir are one sick fuck. Sweaty balls are no joke…if you prefer sweaty balls more power to you.

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