Feeling Down? Need some Boobies?

My appologys for not being on the ball today and posted anything Readers.  Not wanting to wuss up and talk about “feelings” to face the wrath of REVOKATION I hit the Internet to cheer myself up (it was to early for Beer, yes there is such a time when one has to work a day job to pay for all the time he spends finding interesting things for you to read here at the O.M.C.com).   Youtube in all its awesomeness plucked out YouTube user PistolShrimps video BOOBIES & KITTENS.   Well it got half my attention, not to sure about this craze the Internet seems to have with Kittens however.  Kind of reminds me of this uncle i had once, lived on his own and kept a lot of cats.  No wait that was Trainspotting.  Dang i always get the move and my uncle Digby mixed up.  Here is the video anyway … Laugh, Drool, Get mildly aroused and tap the misses on the shoulder (doesn’t matter where you get your appetite as long as you eat at home right?) Enjoy.

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  1. Kevin L says:

    Well I feel cheered up and ready for the day ahead, Thanks Simon

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