Even in Death, Somethings are Unrecylable

Its rarely a good thing when a Man passes, unless his name was Adolf Hitler and he just happened to be hanging around Germany during 1939 – 1946… Ahem, …many things get left undone, unsaid and left behind, photos, collectibles, loved ones, 12 trailer-size dumpsters worth of cans! wait-what? And as it turns out not just any old Beer cans, Vintage Beer cans, wait they are old. Apparently this guy was a bit of a collector of the empty Tinned Coldy’s and liked to keep each one as a bit of a reminder of the good times sitting back relaxing and enjoying a Beer.

So the deal is these belonged to a guy known as “The Beer Can Man”. He had a place in our building and collected these along with bar signs and all sorts of other stuff. He died a while back and these are being hauled away. They can’t be recycled for the deposit because they are tin and steel. – Sean Tubridy

Well that’s not something you see every day

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