David Duchovny – Sex addict or Man?


Members, have you ever heard of a male sex addict? No, because we’re all sex addicts! Think of the last time you refused sex, besides from the tranny behind the bar that really late Sunday night (and even then, I know you thought about it you sick bastards). So when these accusations of David Duchovny checking himself into “Rehab for Sex Addiction” I fell off my chair!

We here at Official Man Card applaud Mr Duchovny, for he is not an addict, he is simply a Man. So, we issue you, David Duchovny, your Authentic Man Card.

Also, if your a Man you should be watching Duchovny’s new series Californication on Showtime. Sex, drugs, rock and roll, and more – Its definitely a show for Men.

Stay Manly My Friends…

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