Ché Mens Magazine, Dreaming of a Better World

After seeing Sir Simon’s post about The Babysitter I was left wondering about the advertised product in this very distracting ad. As it turns out Ché Men’s Magazine is a monthly Belgian publication for Men on male interests, like women, cars, gadgets and many more. The Babysitter was just one of many creative marketing advertisements under the campaign “Let us keep on dreaming of a better world” that along with Ché’s devotion to the promotion of a better world for Men have assisted in making the magazine very popular & well known online and in print. The “Let us keep on dreaming of a better world” campaign was too good not to share with the OMC community so here are a few print adverts promoting the cause.


Recently, to celebrate Ché’s 10th anniversary a microsite titled “The Blow Job,” was released where you blow into your computer’s microphone to make a woman’s skirt rise. If you make the skirt rise all the way up you are rewarded with not only a shot of the Ladies under things but get to register for a chance to win a year’s free subscription to Ché. If you don’t blow hard enough, I’ll let you discover what happens for your selves. Stay Manly…

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