Beer Drinking Role Model

As a keen participant in the sport of Beer Drinking I have been known to down a jug every now and then to the cheers of mates and those around. However nothing I have done up to now can be compared to the raw talent and skill of Gentleman in this video. I think I have a new role model in the sport and the bar has just been raised that little bit higher.

If, by some Internet miracle you are the guy in this video, we want to hear from you ASAP. If your not the guy in this video and you think you can do just as good a job, better or with more style, we want to hear from you as well. Drop us a link below to your video or send me an email letting us know your mad skilz.

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  1. Kevin L says:

    I saw someone drink like that once. I then challenged him to a drinking race. I won because he didn’t know we were racing.

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