BBQ + Sword + Spatula = BBQ Sword Spatula

Check out this this Spatula shaped like a Musketeer rapier sword, in my opinion it has a closer resemblance to a Sabre but still, awesome fun, get 2 and you can really fight for who has control of the hotplate and grill (house rules, looser does the dishes). Until you read the write up about the BBQ Sword Spatula:

This BBQ Sword Spatula is flippin’ great! Now you can fearlessly sizzle sausages, chargrill chops and sear steaks with your trusty BBQ Sword protecting you from flames, spitting fat and duelling drum sticks.

and realize this fun is really safety in disguise as the “handguard” or “Hilt” for those of us in the know, is there to save your fingers (awwww little fingers) and hand (awwww delicate hands) from spitting fat, oil and heat. Now I am torn between having yet another addition to my collection of weapons of culinary destruction (Pistol BBQ lighter, cooking knife in the shape of a knife & condiment gun) and having a cooking tool that looks cool but could border on the revocable for safety issues in a manly environment like the BBQ. Wait for the price of $27.95 my mind has been made up for me as thats half a carton of beer for the small price of using a normal BBQ Spatula.


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