AVP Fan Film Awesomeness

I was going to save this for Fridays Links n a Vid post but its to good to hold onto for so long. I’m a huge Predator fan and short film fan so Alex Popov’s fan film “AVP Redemption” blew me away this morning when it poped up in my RSS feeds via Vimeo.

AVP:Redemption fan film made by me Alex A. Popov for the purpose of entertaining the fans of both , Alien and Predator franchises, and also to share my vision of what Alien VS Predator film should be. The total budget for this film was about $500 and over 2 years of my free time 🙂 It took so long cause it was a ONE MAN project. I did all filming, directing, Editing, VFX compositing, sound design, You name it. So hopefully you enjoyed it. – Alex Popov

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