American Apparel “Best Booty” Contest

So this small company from California, called American Apparel (heard of them?), started a contest to find the best booty that their products have graced. Over 1000 ladies from all over the world dropped their pants and displayed their beautiful booties for all to see. In the end, “Boom Boom” from Santo Domingo took the gold. Though, in my mind, I think it’s the rest of us who won with this contest.

What do you guys think? Who’s got the best booty out of all these ladies?

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  1. White Wolf says:

    Thank you Tom. I’ve had a rough day and this has helped me pull through.

  2. Kevin L says:

    I’m goin with Boom Boom as well on this one

  3. Ramsey says:

    Check out the source link. It is a thing of beauty.

  4. Simon says:

    NO TOM, NO!

    BAD TOM!

    I will not pick just one… I cannot pick just one, they’re just so nice, Want to touch the hiny’s

  5. Sergio says:

    R.Kelly’s feelin on yo booty is running through my heads as we speak….god bless those bootys

  6. Jaimito says:

    Damn boom boom, you get my engine going… (vroom vroom!) haha ;p
    But seriously… That ass you got there is a bootyful thing (:

  7. Kayy says:

    Sooo sad I wasn’t aware of this;[ Convinced I def. could of won this one ! )’;

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