A-Team – Review

Ah, I love it when a plan comes together, and I love it when a movie gives me everything I want in a summer film…or an action film for that matter. A-Team wastes not even a second getting off the ground from start to finish its nothing but gunfire, explosions, chases, more explosions, and even more gunfire. Hell at one point the team flies a tank, yes you read that right A FUCKING TANK! I was thrilled at the choices of actors chosen to play these iconic roles and I will talk about them in order of appearance.
Liam Neeson portrays Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith originally portrayed by the late George Peppard. Liam just seems to get Hannibal, he really embodies what Peppard brought to the character in the original series. From the outset you know Hannibal is in charge, and throughout the entire movie he never lets you forget it.
Quinton “Rampage” Jackson portrays Sgt. First Class Bosco “B.A.” Baracus originally played by Mr T. Now I have to admit this role was the one I was most intrigued about because Mr. T is an icon and a legend. This role of B.A. was written with Mr T in mind therefore its not like anyone can just up and play this iconic character. As many of our UFC readers know Rampage is a certifiable bad ass in his own right and I am happy to announce that Rampage does not tr hard to be Mr. T, as a matter of fact he really takes the role of B.A. and makes it his own. Furthermore I really think Rampage has a bright future in this world of acting, he did a fantastic job.
Bradley Cooper portrays Lt. Templeton “Faceman” Peck originally portrayed by Dirk Benedict(who actually has a 3 second blink and you miss him cameo.) Cooper fresh off his role in last summer’s big hit The Hangover scores another hit here. Okay, this was one of my two knocks against this film. I understand some women are being driven to see this movie and there should be something for them, but does Bradley Cooper have to have his shirt off for damn near the whole movie? couldn’t he find a durable and sturdy shirt? Or just wear one more often? That being said Cooper’s portrayal of Face was very reminiscent of Dirk Benedict’s and that is a good thing.
Finally, we have Sharlto Copley portraying Captain H.M. “Howling Mad” Murdock originally portrayed by Dwight Schultz. Much like Rampage as B.A. this character of Murdock is iconic, and boy did Copley damn near steal every scene he was in. Also, like Rampage he is virtually new to Hollywood with A-Team being his second major film.
The cast is rounded out by Patrick Wilson portraying CIA Agent Lynch, and Jessica Biel portraying DCIS Captain Charissa Sosa, now this was my second issue with A-Team why cast a super hottie such as Jessica Biel and fail to use her to her full potential? Biel is super sexy in this film (when she is on screen) and if I were being chased by her I might actually consider turning myself in. A-Team is set in several locations starting in Mexico, then Iraq, back to the States, Germany, then right back to the states. Again, I cannot stress this next statement, before viewing this movie it is imperative that you suspend all disbelief because for 117 minutes physics, and reality are thrown completely out the window…then again a movie such as this is not about physics or reality…its about pure fun and A-Team delivers on that premise. My rating is a strong 4 1/2 out of 5 beers, this is about as close to perfect as a summer movie can get.

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