66 Overrated Women in 2010 (and its only half way through)

DC Scrap over at Guyisum Dot Com has sacked up and published a list of The 66 Most Overrated Women of 2010 and I have to hand it to the guy, aside from number 7 he is on the money in a lot of his comments about each Woman on the list. He has put to page/paper/site/web what a lot of us have been thinking or posting about but never standing up on the soap box and asking the world to clarify “Why?”. I have taken a short sample of the list and added in my own comments next to the name but make sure you head over to Guyisum’s full list here to get the full story and picture on who, what and why.

  • 66 Dita Von Teese – who?
  • 63 Julia Roberts – how is this woman even used in the same sentence as pretty or attractive or good looking?
  • 62 Liv Tyler – will always be that girl from Apocolypse that let Benny slip her one, Sorry Liv.
  • 61 Rachel Bilson – Midget
  • 60 Anne Hathaway – RUN! Run for your lives
  • 55 Kristen Bell – is it just me or are her eyes really close together, beady little eyes that steal your soul.
  • 46 Paris Hilton – waste of space and time, can we all stop looking at the train wreck please, i’m late for work!
  • 43 Zooey Deschanel – no talent one act wonder set on repeat.
  • 38 Cameron Diaz – If Diaz was a guy there is no way “he” would be famous so why is “She”?
  • 35 Lindsay Lohan – still? we’re still talking about the disney kid? Why people? WHY!
  • 34 Fergie – I think i threw up a little
  • 22 Katy Perry – Didn’t this chick sing a song about kissing a girl … what else has she done?
  • 17 Jessica Simpson – Is she still here?
  • 11 Hayden Panettiere – She was funny in Malcolm in the Middle and now is just annoying
  • 10 Ke$ha – Who? how do you pronounce that? Key-Dollar-Ha? is she Arabic?
  • 7 Olivia Munn – NOT OLIVIA, NOT MY PANCAKE HONEY BUTTER PUMPKIN, You take her off this list now sir!
  • 3 Lady Gaga – Does anyone know what she really looks like?
  • 1 Kristen Stewart – Isn’t this the chick from Adventure Land who keeps biting her lips ALL THE FUCKING TIME!!! so annoying.
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  1. Sergio says:

    well time for surge aka the legend killer to take aim and fire on this list…let me start at the top

    66: I agree
    63: Julia Roberts was in PRETTY WOMAN yeah that was a decade ago but she is still quite pretty for her age.
    62: Agreed she hasn’t done anything worthwhile since Armageddon
    61: Rachel Bilson is a hottie plain and simple and her and I share a birthday so I can’t hate on her too much.
    60: Loved her in havoc thats about it
    55: umm she has her moments but she really needs to flash some boobage in a movie and fast.
    46: beyond agreed
    43: she is super cute, and a really talented singer so in my book she gets a pass
    38: umm she can be super hot when she wants to be…I will wait to pass judgement until I see her in Knight and Day.
    34: another one with super hottie potential…but too many negatives so she stays
    22: Katy Perry is not only super hot & talented but funny too…she defiantly does not belong on this list.
    17: Agreed
    11: now that Heroes is over so might her relevance.
    10: yeah go away… preferably into a volcano with Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus.
    7: Olivia Munn…now this one is a touchy one for me as I was totally in love with Ms. Munn but lately she has been skirting her duties on AOTS which what made her famous in the first place. I understand one’s desire to build a bigger career but don’t turn your back on those who made you famous in the first place…she wrote a book she is not even 30 yet and she works on the gaming equivalent of E! I mean really what the fuck has she done that requires an autobiography already? so as for overrated women goes yeah she belongs on this list.
    the final two definitely belong and earned their place on this list…at least Lady Gaga can sing yeah she is weird as fuck but she at least has real talent.

  2. Ramsey says:

    I usually disagree with these types of lists but it seems this guy doesn’t have his head up his ass. Sorry Surge, have to agree with the list about Rachel Bilson, I don’t see anything incredible about her. Zooey Deschanel and Kristin Stewart both try that awkward social misfit but attractive thing, but its really not attractive its just awkward for them and everyone else. I have been ranting for years about Paris Hilton being total trash, and ugly trash at that, and people have called me crazy nice to see I’m not the only one. As for a few of these they are a bit overrated but quietly overrated, you aren’t being bombarded by them constantly, like Julia Roberts, Liv Tyler, and Anne Hathaway.

  3. Dave says:

    Kristen Bell is extremely overrated. And that is putting it nicely.

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