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The Monday Sleep-in

Having not slept a wink all night I was looking forward to calling in “sick” Monday morning and havin a well deserved sleep-in. Unfortunatly due to a technological fubar I was called in to perfom my magic (turn it off and on) and on 2 hours sleep, a days worth of work… ok I went

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Living Good Through Chemistry

Ron sent me this email, and I thought I should share it with the older folks here in the Man Card Community. Thanks to Ron for spreading the truth. We all have this to look forward to! As we get older we sometimes begin to doubt our ability to “make a difference” in the world

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Please Sort By Wee When You Pee

Spotted in the toilets of a restaurant next to the Burgerhaus Sonne Eduard-Schmidt-Saal in Alsbach, Germany. These urinals spoof the German recycling-bins with labels reading BEER, WINE, NON-ALCOHOLIC, and OTHER, under the heading PLEASE HELP US

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