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Poop Shoot(er)

North Carolina police believe that a man they arrested and booked into the county jail earlier this week managed to smuggle an unloaded 10-inch firearm into the cell with him. According to police, the man “may have” stashed a .38 barrel revolver in his rectum. Keep in mind that this is after a strip search

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Nerf Weekend Warrior

While talking to Official Man Card Member Adam over the weekend (not about Hellcats, I promise) he made mention of his plans to hold a Nerf war with his family and a few of his friends over the Christmas break. Always up for a bit of the foam dart fun I asked him what his

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World Sharpshooting Record During Active Service

Craig Harrison a British Army corporal of horse in the Household Cavalry killed two insurgents from an astounding distance of 8,120 feet or 1.54 miles in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan last November with an Accuracy International L11583 long-range rifle. “The first round hit a machine-gunner in the stomach and killed him outright, the second

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