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Turtle Escape Fail…

One small step for a turtle… One giant leap out of the bowl for turtl… …no wait, Under the bowl … Damn it!

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Waterski, Bikeski, Jetski, Quadski? – Funski!

A week ago we showed you the motorized surfboard, apparently for some people that was not enough awesome as they wanted something a little more All Terrain Vehicle or boat that can get itself to the water. From that combo, with a name that sounds like an eastern European soccer player came the Quadski! The

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Cinder Block vs Plastic Bottle

Destroying a cinder block with a 3-liter plastic bottle, not possible cinder block beats plastic bottle. However add water and dry ice to the plastic bottle and you have a possible smack down battle on your hands. Listen to the audio from 48 seconds onwards for added laughs where the exploding cinder block takes revenge

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