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Nerf Weekend Warrior

While talking to Official Man Card Member Adam over the weekend (not about Hellcats, I promise) he made mention of his plans to hold a Nerf war with his family and a few of his friends over the Christmas break. Always up for a bit of the foam dart fun I asked him what his

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Sexy Female Battle Football

Chinese Fashion Photographer Liu Jia Nan used the football theme from the South African World Cup, a few sweet cars, industrial backdrops and an elephant to produce a very cool photographic gallery. Oh and the pictures also featuring sexy Chinese girls, Tian Lei Xi, Yang Xi Lu, Sui Yang, and Mi Li Wang, you know,

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F-35 Lands Vertically for the First Time

Well its been almost ten years of hype and a ton of delays, but we’ve finally got a replacement for the Harrier Jet. The F-35, as seen in the footage below, has finally preformed a vertical landing. It took off at around 93 miles per hour (sounds like @Simon and his gang on a Saturday

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