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Find Sergio

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am partying it up hard this Holiday Season in fabulous Las Vegas. Between drinks and gambling, I figured this would be a good time to start connecting with our users. What better way to connect with you guys than free shit? Here’s how our contest works: I will be FourSquare/Tweeting our

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Is There An Epic Battle For Co-Host Brewing?

G4’s Attack of the Show has had many co-host changes over the years as people have come and gone, that is except for long time host and Official Man Card holder Kevin Pereira. When AOTS’ first female co-host Sarah Lane departed in 2006 after marrying another former AOTS host Brendan Moran a worldwide search began

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Questionable, Expendable Man Card

Revoke his Man Card?

104 Yes
10 No

Revokee Name: Ricky C

Submitted By: Simon

Reason for Revocation:
Ricky tweeted the following “I’m going to see The Expendables tonight. Any ideas on how to stave off the depression when I realise its not Scott Pilgrim?”

Do I really need to continue? Scott Pilgrim was a cool flick, but Ricky is whining about seeing a movie that pretty much gives you a third testicle its so manly. Would you like some cheese with that wine Ricky?

I say Ricky needs to take a teaspoon of cement to help him “Harden the F*ck up!”.

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Official Man Card Going Pro with New Look & New Team

I’m sure by now those of you who frequent this site of ours have noticed a few changes here and there with our layout and increased content. I wanted to just take a quick 5 minutes from my holiday down here in Miami to bring you up to speed with what we have done and

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Web Site Drug Comparisons

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Twitter’s “Sh*t My Dad Says” gets its own Sitcom

I wonder if the sitcom will have its own Twitter feed

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Some Twit Broke Twitter

Here at Official Man Card Dot Com we have been busy working to improve the site for you our Readers. We are currently improving the RSS feeds and making an effort to update that Twitter thing so you can get our updates and follow our action as it happens. Unfortunately as we finished applying these

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Tweet of the Day

Gentlemen, Twitter has been buzzing with news of a user(@OfficialManCard) that judges Man Card tweets and revokes accordingly. Today, we got one of the best responses so far. Doug H had his man card revoked, and demanded a recount, to which his friend sent this reply: Best twitter response so far. Stay Manly My Friends

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