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Mega Music, Movie Trailer Mash-up

Khameleon808 over on the Youtube has recently posted this amazing music video movie trailer mash-up that you should watch now, now god damn it! Coming in at just over 9 minutes and begging for the volume to be turned up as loud as your speakers can handle this clip has blown me away at it’s

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Facebook Status Say’s it All

Revoke his Man Card?

47 Yes
1 No

Revokee Name: Jeremy

Submitted By: Robert

Reason for Revocation:
Because Jeremy actually saw one or more of the Twilight movies! and posted a quote from the movie/s on his Facebook status. See the attached image for the Man Card Revocable evidence.

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Twilight… For Men!!!

Now… before all of you go and chew my head off commenting on the disgrace of posting about twilight, about this that and the other, I implore you guys to watch the video for the new upcoming release of this movie and give it a chance. Trust me when I tell you it will be

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