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Foam Finger 003

The boys are back talking more basketball this week with our resident basketball expert Gabby. More Brett Favre talk, who cares about Shaq and more, all in this weeks Foam Finger

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The Foam Finger 002

The Foam Finger is back! and in this weeks episode Ramsey and Sergio discuss taxation of the fans for stadiums, Tim Tebow’s new haircut, and more! As always, your comments are appreciated in the comment section below so take a look, let us know what you think and stay manly!

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OMC The Foam Finger: Sorry Surge

Hey everyone! We here at OMC are very excited to announce the arrival of our sports program, The Foam Finger. Hosted by Surge and myself, we will be talking about issues around all the sports leagues (as long as we find it interesting). This will be reporting from the fan perspective and none of that

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