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How Man made it to the moon….

This is inherent and absolute proof to all you conspiracy theorists of how man ultimately made it to the moon. This simple technological advance has been in military use since the early 50’s and here at OMC HQ we cant wait to get our hands on one of these puppies for our own amusement. maybe

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AVP Fan Film Awesomeness

I was going to save this for Fridays Links n a Vid post but its to good to hold onto for so long. I’m a huge Predator fan and short film fan so Alex Popov’s fan film “AVP Redemption” blew me away this morning when it poped up in my RSS feeds via Vimeo. AVP:Redemption

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The Tuesday Hook up: Stuff I didn’t get to this week so far

The Quick Links Jims Pancakes – Awesome pancake sculptures almost to good to eat Science Tattoo Emporium – Because geeks can get tats to Apple iWatch – The watch that sounds like a confession to viewing channel 69 Googles street view cars – A close up look at the cars that make street view possible

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