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The Troops Get More Man Cards

Gregg emailed us a little while back inquiring about Man Cards. Being the Authority over all Man Cards, we responded and struck up a conversation.

Turns out Gregg and his friends were members of our fine military here in the USA. Who more deserving of Man Cards (and a Tomboy Card) than these fine people? None we say!

Gregg was nice enough to send us a few pictures back to show you guys. Big thanks to Gregg for the pictures, hope you guys are staying safe and Staying Manly!

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Friday: Links & Vid 2010/09/03

The Links: 10 ways to kill time till the NFL season starts Batman Getting Hit in the Balls – Comics The 20 Hottest Girls Of Horror The Top 10 Most Badass Soldiers of All Time 25 Photos That Prove Hipsters Suck The 21 Most Cliche Dorm-Room Posters . The Vid: Great White Hunters What do

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More Man Cards To The Brave

That’s right members, we’ve issued even more Authentic Man Cards to our soldiers in Iraq. We send 30+ guys their Man Cards and they were cool enough to take pictures. Turns out they had a Man Card ceremony, complete with Revocations and beer(or Near Beer)! So a big thanks to Erik and the rest of

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